Medicaid Applications

Applications for Medicaid are filled out for clients 60 years and older.  Applicants must call for an appointment.

Nutrition Congregate Meals

This service provides nutritionally balanced meals in a group setting along with supporting services such as outreach and nutrition education provided by the Lafourche Council on Aging.  The meals are subcontracted through the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Department.  A donation $2.80 per meal is encouraged and client must be 60 years of age or older to receive meals..

Nutrition Home Delivered Meals

This service provides for a hot, nutritious meal, five days a week, Monday-Friday to persons 60 and older who are temporarily or chronically home bound.  The meals are subcontracted through the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Department.  A donation of up to
$2.80 per meal is encouraged.

Homemaker Services

This service provides light housekeeping, preparation of food, and non-medical personal care depending on the older person’s needs.  Errand services are available for the home bound to the nearest store, pharmacy, etc.  A donation of up to $2.00 is encouraged.

Information and Assistance

This service helps older persons to obtain assistance in solving problems by providing information about and referrals to available services and service agencies.  Outreach workers follow up on referrals, visit with older persons in their homes in order to determine their needs and seek out the isolated elderly.


Administers standard procedures for the purpose of gathering information about client to determine need and/or eligibility for services.

Transportation Services

This service assists the elderly and disabled (60 years or older) who wish to travel anywhere in the parish and surrounding areas.  Scheduling is required 24 hours in advance.  Donations for this service are appreciated.

Suggested transportation donations are as follows:

In Parish          $14.00*

Out of Parish   $16.00* (LaFourche to Terrebonne)

*Elderly 60+ and Disabled, the cost is donation only

Energy Assistance

Services for this program are coordinated with our local Community Action Agency for the low-income, needy, elderly of the parish.  This includes LIHEAP, Helping Hands, and co-op care.

Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Program

This program is designed to maintain and improve health, well-being and physical fitness to persons 60 years and older through group exercise, music, art and dance movement therapy.  This program is subcontracted with Nicholl’s University.

Respite Care

Provides relief to caregivers who attend and care for frail, elderly, and disabled individuals.  This program is subcontracted through the Medical Team.

Personal Care Program

The Personal Care Program is administered as a "last resort" service.  As a last resort service the Personal Care services will be placed on hold during a client's receiving of any skilled services through an active Home Health Episode of Care.  However, as soon as the episode has concluded, Lafourche Council on Aging funded services will be coordinated to being so there is not a lapse in service as funds are available.

Routine personal care is assisting  client/patient with bathing or giving bed baths.  Assisting clients/patient with grooming (i.e. shaving, washing of hair) helping clients dress, assisting client/patient with oral hygiene.

Unmet Needs 

This program assist clients 60 years of age or older with a particular need they may have such as but not limited to medication, etc. not to exceed 200.00.

Senior Citizens Centers

Community facilities which offer a wide range of services including recreation and continuing education and serve as a focal point in the community for older persons.  Centers also provide co-location of services.   They have treadmills, wii games, do quilting, bingo, noon meals, etc.  Come join the fun.


This service provides a “search and identify” program for hard to reach individuals to assist them in gaining access to needed services and provide them and their families the most appropriate care available in order to enable them to remain as independent as possible.


This service provides activities such as sports, supervised activity classes, performing arts, trips, games, and crafts facilitated by a provider.

SHIIP - Senior Health Insurance Information Program

Volunteers trains by a representative from the Office of Insurance Commissioner assist individuals in filling out forms.  Call your local Senior Center or the Lafourche Council on Aging Office for more information.

Senior Games

This program promotes physical skills in the elderly by providing State and Regional games. They have treadmills, wii games, do quilting, bingo, noon meals, etc.  Come join the fun.


Educates and informs the elderly of the parish on upcoming events and activities.

Legal Services

Provides legal advice and counseling to older persons and includes serving as an advocate of the elderly who may have consumer problems.  Legal Services is contracted through SouthEast Legal Services.

Follow-Up evaluations

Determines the quality and/or effectiveness of a service provided to an individual client.

Health Screenings

This service provides preventive medical services such as blood pressure readings, etc.  Health education and counseling are conducted by qualified personnel at central locations.

Material Aid

This service is coordinated with the local Catholic Social Services providing commodity distribution, electric fans, blankets, and related items to low income, needy elderly of Lafourche Parish.

National Family Caregivers Program

This program provides multifaceted systems of support services for family caregivers and for grandparents or older individuals who are caregivers of relatives.

Medicare Part D:  Medication Plan

The Lafourche Council on Aging, Inc. assist clients who are 60 years of age or older on medicare in finding prescription drug plans to suite their  needs.  When applying for these plans you must bring proof of income of everyone in the household, your medicare card, and all your medications you are currently taking.  Any one on medicare qualifies for Medicare Part D, no matter what your income is.  The reason we ask for income, is if your income is low, you may qualify for other programs where you may pay $0 - $ 6.00 per medication.  Please call for an appointment.


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